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Stein: Our Love Story

Age: 45 - Born, 18 Jun 1974 looks back and remember that special moment in my life...

... Love comes my way when I met Cherry May from General Santos City, Philippines during a online Yahoo web-cam chatting room 12th April 2009 just right after having eaten dinner around 17:30 in the afternoon. It was just a normal day that turned into a perfect day. When I first saw her, I instantly fell in love by her magic and beautifull eyes and gorgeous smile. I was mesmerized and in love. It was just one of those "omg" moments :-). And ohh, we love cats too...grey and black sparkled tigers are my favourite -->

After about one week in the same chat room (having early figured out we both were single and looking), we decided to take our relationship into Skype. Now we could share files, music, pictures, play games and chat about everything and nothing. Basically, living virtually, talking, singing, eating, sleeping and showing our houses to eachother and make dreams and plans for our beloved future together. Our Skype was running on high gear, 24/7 for over 2 years!. After about 2 weeks in Skype, I told her straight out "I want to marry you, Cherry May!", she instantly said "Yes!", and to cut the story short, on 10th July 2009 we decided to engage over internet via Skype. It's been done before for sure, and yet many don't think it is actually possible, believe me, it is. Set no limits and take control!

I sent her a very special ring box designed as a rose with the engagement ring inside engraved with "Din Stein 2010". My ring was naturally engraved with "Din Cherry May 2010". We were now totally convinced we were right for eachother. We had a unique special bond.

Since we both have been chatting for a while before we met, we was very comfortable communicating this way. It's the modern way (and for many, just by today's standard, a very common way of communicating anyway)...Facebook, SMS, MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc....you name it, you know it.

Our communication is a mix of very good written english as well as very good speaking english. We both understand eachother (even if we take shortcuts in our english writing and speaking) and we do feel and think as "one single mind".

Since I'm a well multi talented and creative within digital media and computers in general (I've been told) I naturally seek a mind similar to mine. To my greatest wishes, Cherry May fullfills all my inner feelings and desires for my "perfect-10" woman. She sings, she wants to compose music, she want to have a perfect love life, just like me. She just really hit my heart the correct way. Such a kind and understandable woman is a true gift from above. We discussed a very strange emotion where both of us seems to have a distant idle feeling of having met before or had some kind of Deja Vu especially regarding faces, specific landscape pictures and even names seen in a paper many many years ago. Thinking back to my childhood, I can even remember my mother once told me; "you will find a asian woman...". It seems there was a destiny, a true divine plan for us to meet one day...just that it took so many years to find eachother!

Then we started to plan our first meeting and our future wedding. Should we choose Philippines first, or Norway first?

Since I have a very good and steady job here in Norway, and this is where we want to create a family and find a job for Cherry May, we decided to go for Norway first (since it's the most difficult country on the planet to even just visit for 2 weeks for a foreigner! Shame on Norway). We had to prepare ourselves for a very enduring goverment processs via the Embassy in Manila and UDI in Norway. Since 13 Oct 2009 and until as per. April 2011 we were still waiting for a final decision (which includes a rejection based on missing paper process inbetween) so that we can marry legally here in Norway on our special date of 8 Oct 2011.

On 12 July 2010 I purchased a plane ticket to General Santos City, via Amsterdam and Manila all the way from Stavanger to meet Cherry May in real for the first time during my 3 weeks summer vacation. It was also my first vacation ever to a exotic country, so I was very much excited about it. After 12 hours+ of plane trip, there she was in front of me in real person together with her family awaiting me at the airport. The first real hug was like frozen time in complete silence and simply filled with loving love from both of us to both of us. After visiting her father's grave (which sadly passed away February 2010) we headed over to Jollibee to get some hamburgers. After that we went to her home and had a party and sang for instance; "Destiny by Paul Anka" through her karokee system before we finally headed off to the hotel to get some sleep and love. The following days were filled with activities around in Gen. San. mixed with a lot of vacation life in the manner of loving, laughing, hugging and kissing along with dinner dates, lunch dates, breakfast dates...in fact we were dating every second.

You can read more about our time together in our blog entry From Philippines with Love

After 3 weeks beeing with my lovely Cherry May, I headed back home to Norway to start work again, and yet again, wait for the application to process further (this time as an appeal to the first rejection). We fired up our Skype again and our love just continued to grow. Every birthday and monthly and yearly anniversary we sent flowers and love cards to eachother, including birthday gifts with cake, hamburgers, candy and Coca Cola live on Skype. Our releationship simply just grew even better every day. During our entire wait for our application to be aproved we have made some concept art and movies to share our love for eachother online. Check our other links to find out more about those sweet special moments. You will find true love in our work.

So, finally after waiting so long for 2 applications to process (9months with its rejection and then the 11 months of appeal which included the additional missing papers), we endured and had success with our appeal. Which eventually ended in the greatest moment of our lives....it was APPROVED. Our world just light up early July (specifically 8th July 2011). It seems that the system do have belief in communicating mostly via Webcam and we are really happy that our story was believed in, because we know that our marriage will be filled with lots of love throughout our entire life. That's our intention and desire and with the above story told, everybody can rest assured that we certainly are up for the task! Be strong, always.

We were finally married during a rare and sunny day of 8 October 2011 in the Church in Nedre Vats, Norway. Just as planned, and everything executed perfectly. We both looked smashing and with approx. 60-70 people attending the Church the applauses roared high up into the sky. Thanks so much for all that took the time to share this final take on our amazing journey to get married and start our life together.

Now, I shall let my sweet wife, Cherry May, write her side of our love story.

Cherry May: Our Love Story

Age: 37 - Born, 8 Oct 1982 looks back and remember that special moment in my life...

My Love Story begins when i meet Stein Eikesdal in net! I am used surfing and chatting in the internet for a long time...I was started going in chatroom cam to cam when i was in college, then meet a lot of friends, but no formal relationships happened!

Until one day (april 12, 2009) I get interested with one man and I say hello to him, then he greeted me back and told me he was from Norway (it makes me more interested with him because my bestfriend working at the same place at that time!)

Somehow Stein was different from the other boys on the net. I was pretty much getting tired of the fact that I could not carry on a decent conversation with any of them. Me and Stein talked alot and it became obvious that we had a lot in common. We became more and more impressed with eachother as the days and weeks went by. We "met" almost on a daily basis in the chat for 24/7 and if that didn't work, then we wrote e-mails or calling by phone.

It often happened that we thought of the same thing, we felt the common tie and that we are important to one another. Naturally, after a while we only find to ourself that we are inlove! Since we are both singles and compatible, on 10 July 2009, Stein proposed me to get marry by cam to cam and then he sent the rosebox with the engagement ring inside of it!

That was the most romantic moment happened in my life and as a next step the situation had ripened to where we began to think we should meet in person. That's why he ask me to get passport, so we can apply for a Fiancee Visa. On October 10, 2009, I took my family with me, my two brothers, my Father and my Mother in Makati since it was my first time travelled on that place, then I want to make last bonding with my family here because me and Stein thought were just only wait three days after the day I apply in the Embassy!

After I pass the personal interview at the CFO or counseling foreign affairs, Stein and me was really so happy and thought we will be together in real and get marry and start our life as couple after 3 days. but then we get frustrated when the Embassy tells that they just update in their site uncomplete! So me and my family go back here in GENSAN... and as usual we continued talking in Skype for 24/7, in phone and in emails...until Febuary 15, 2010, my father died with an enlargement of heart. I get more depressed and sad because my father can't wait anymore the day I get marry with Stein. That time Stein watch me for 24/7 and comfort me even just cam to cam with Skype because he can't able to come here in Philippines to comfort me physically on that month because he had work!

One year after our virtual meeting Stein traveled here in Philippines July 2010 where I waited for him at the General Santos City Airport. This was our first personal meeting which is so emotional and romantic moments! We again became more closer and closer and our love goes deeper! My family love him so much because of his sense of humor and kindness... but our happiness stops for a while when we received rejection of our application for Fiancee Visa, so we decided to go in Makati to apply for an appeal for our application and have personal interview with the consular affair!

Stein trying to ask what's other way he can take me in Norway! But we're just failed on our desires to get marry on that year of 2010 in Norway!

So again... we feel sad and cried out because we know how we will miss eachother and how we long eachother to be together always, and start our life together in Norway as couple.... Now it took almost 2 years of waiting with the UDI, Norway result and approval with our application, it took two years also I feel sad and cry because physically we could not express eachother how we care and love each other, its hard to imagine how we survive with this challenge in our relationship, but only I know its all because we both love eachother, sincere and true with our feelings, and with presence of God we still not give up on our hopes that this year 2011 UDI of Norway will see how our heart's sincere to get marry and start our life together as couple!

Finally! for 2.5 years of waiting, we are together now already in Norway, and soon by God's grace we will get married this coming October 8 2011, it will be a romatic and meaningful wedding for us! then after the weeding, the next thing I will do is to study their language, cultures, the tradition, laws and everything about the country of Norway, then I should do advance courses or other remedial courses regarding teaching since it was my course I was graduated. So I think it would be better for me to do that in Norway because the standard of education in Norway is far far better than any other school in the Philippines and because I also wanted to work in Norway as a teacher in future so I could help my husband too with our basic needs.

Then I will continue being active in church also, I will manage my time to do that together and don't forget my rules responsibility to my husband and kids to be!

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